Exploring Lake Como And Bellagio

with Freshies


Traveling through Italy has been an absolute dream! We’ve been exploring all of these colorful streets and alleyways, going on boat rides through Lake Como, and soaking in every inch of sunshine and Italian life! It was my mom’s birthday this week so we had to celebrate with the most amazing gelato and perfect views of the lake. Not to mention, I’ve had by far the most amazing pizza and pasta I’ve ever had about five nights in a row 😉 good thing there is lots of walking here involved and lots of calories burned!!! Haha.

So far, Italy has also been the perfect place to snap amazing photos. Everything is just so photogenic!! As you all may know, traveling is my job so I always need to bring the essentials with me during my photo shoots. I always carry bottled water, sunscreen, an extra change of clothing, makeup, and hadays here!!! I’ve mentioned my love for Secret’s Freshies deodorant back when I was in Mexico because of how convenient and portable they are in my bag! Carrying these cute deodorants around was super handy during these long sweltering days in Lake Como! It was 85 degrees and I was sweating a lot, so having these in my bag without taking up any space was perfect. Since I had to bring a ton of other stuff with me, the Freshies fit perfectly inside without adding any weight or taking up too much space. For me, traveling and being on-the-go requires tons of preparation so I always like to feel good and smell good! 🙂

I hope you enjoy these amazing shots we took at the lake and exploring Bellagio over the last couple of days! This city is really out of a dream and everyone here is so welcoming and kind. PS – how Instagrammable are Freshies deodorants?! They’re so colorful and perfect for photos too! 😉 You can purchase your own Freshies from CVS here. 

A special thank you to Secret Freshies deodorant for sponsoring this post. 


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