A Beautiful Day In Positano

A Beautiful Day In Positano

Our Italy trip is coming to a bittersweet end, but before we head back to New York City, we had to make an unforgettable stop in the most dreamy of all places — POSITANO.

We arrived in Positano by train from Florence, and spent an hour driving down the coast—speeding past the bluest waters and most colorful apartments I’ve ever seen. 

The most amazing thing about Positano is that you really can eat all the pizza you want, because there is SO much walking involved and so many calories being burned, haha! We didn’t rent a car for this trip so unless you take a taxi everywhere (super pricey!), then walking is the most sensible option 🙂 

Walking up 200-300 stairs every time we went back and forth into town was a workout in itself, so I was thankful to have my Secret Freshies deodorant stored in my bag for this trip. After exploring the cute cafes, boutique clothing stores, and having dinner by the water, I used my Freshies to freshen up before heading to one of the most amazing bars overlooking the entire city. When I’m running around a new city and its warm outside, I always keep my Freshies with me in my bag to make sure I smell fresh and feel clean and confident before going out for the night! 🙂 Click here to get your own Freshies at CVS!

Another thing I loved about Positano is that it feels cozy and home-y, but also big enough to get lost in its colorful streets! Also, the Italians here are just so welcoming and friendly, and we can confidently say this city is a must-see Italian gem! Not to mention the food is just incredible! If you’re looking for any good recommendations, try Cafe Positano for amazing penne and wine, and Franco’s for the best bar views!

Thank you to Secret Deodorant for sponsoring this post.


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