New York City Follow Your Dreams

One piece of advice for the new week ahead. Stop getting caught up in other people’s lives and just smile! You have one life to live so do whatever you can to make the most of YOURS. Write down and work on your goals, tell people how you feel, be open and honest with yourself and give more than you get. It’s hard to put yourself out there, I know it’s intimidating and scary but if you don’t live fearlessly, one day when you’re 80 years old you may regret not moving to LA and pursuing that acting job you wanted, starting that coffee shop you imagined owning, breaking free from old patterns/old friends/relationships, or texting that person that you care about right now. As I’m getting older I realize that I have so much more to do and that once you find your purpose, you will constantly be learning and growing from it. Have an awesome week everyone <3




A Beautiful Day In Positano

Our Italy trip is coming to a bittersweet end, but before we head back to New York City, we had to make an unforgettable stop in the most dreamy of all places — POSITANO.

We arrived in Positano by train from Florence, and spent an hour driving down the coast—speeding past the bluest waters and most colorful apartments I’ve ever seen. 

The most amazing thing about Positano is that you really can eat all the pizza you want, because there is SO much walking involved and so many calories being burned, haha! We didn’t rent a car for this trip so unless you take a taxi everywhere (super pricey!), then walking is the most sensible option 🙂 

Walking up 200-300 stairs every time we went back and forth into town was a workout in itself, so I was thankful to have my Secret Freshies deodorant stored in my bag for this trip. After exploring the cute cafes, boutique clothing stores, and having dinner by the water, I used my Freshies to freshen up before heading to one of the most amazing bars overlooking the entire city. When I’m running around a new city and its warm outside, I always keep my Freshies with me in my bag to make sure I smell fresh and feel clean and confident before going out for the night! 🙂 Click here to get your own Freshies at CVS!

Another thing I loved about Positano is that it feels cozy and home-y, but also big enough to get lost in its colorful streets! Also, the Italians here are just so welcoming and friendly, and we can confidently say this city is a must-see Italian gem! Not to mention the food is just incredible! If you’re looking for any good recommendations, try Cafe Positano for amazing penne and wine, and Franco’s for the best bar views!

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Exploring Lake Como And Bellagio

with Freshies


Traveling through Italy has been an absolute dream! We’ve been exploring all of these colorful streets and alleyways, going on boat rides through Lake Como, and soaking in every inch of sunshine and Italian life! It was my mom’s birthday this week so we had to celebrate with the most amazing gelato and perfect views of the lake. Not to mention, I’ve had by far the most amazing pizza and pasta I’ve ever had about five nights in a row 😉 good thing there is lots of walking here involved and lots of calories burned!!! Haha.

So far, Italy has also been the perfect place to snap amazing photos. Everything is just so photogenic!! As you all may know, traveling is my job so I always need to bring the essentials with me during my photo shoots. I always carry bottled water, sunscreen, an extra change of clothing, makeup, and hadays here!!! I’ve mentioned my love for Secret’s Freshies deodorant back when I was in Mexico because of how convenient and portable they are in my bag! Carrying these cute deodorants around was super handy during these long sweltering days in Lake Como! It was 85 degrees and I was sweating a lot, so having these in my bag without taking up any space was perfect. Since I had to bring a ton of other stuff with me, the Freshies fit perfectly inside without adding any weight or taking up too much space. For me, traveling and being on-the-go requires tons of preparation so I always like to feel good and smell good! 🙂

I hope you enjoy these amazing shots we took at the lake and exploring Bellagio over the last couple of days! This city is really out of a dream and everyone here is so welcoming and kind. PS – how Instagrammable are Freshies deodorants?! They’re so colorful and perfect for photos too! 😉 You can purchase your own Freshies from CVS here. 

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5 Amazing Summer Skincare Products

I can never get enough of skincare products. My skin is so important to me, and especially in the summer when it shows the most. Here are 5 amazing skincare products I use religiously in the summer. I take these babies with me everywhere, and I hope you love them as much as I do. If you haven’t already seen my skincare tips, read more about them here.


Photo taken by @makeupsessions

Fresh Beauty’s Sugar Lip Treatment

I’m addicted to this super moisturizing lip treatment. It’s a high quality lip balm stick with a sheer tint, giving my lips the perfect dosage of subtle color for the beach. I love wearing this because it’s protective (SPF 15) and since my lips tend to get dry in the heat, this makes them softer than ever. I love the different shades they come in as well, as they’re all very subtle in color and suitable for all skin tones. This treatment also contains Vitamin C and E and is rich in antioxidants! LOVE.


Photo taken by @thisisvalentine_

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

This lotion is perfect for my sensitive skin, which tends to breakout if there are any harsh chemicals involved. I love this lotion because it’s gentle, and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do–moisturize. Plus, unlike other brands I’ve tried, this one works amazingly for oily skin and doesn’t leave your face looking greasy afterwards. It’s hydrating but super light, which got me hooked from the beginning.


Photo taken by @yretty20

L’Occitane Hand Cream

L’Occitane hand cream is by far the best to hydrate dry hands in the summertime. This hand cream is made with coconut oil, honey and marshmallow root which makes it super moisturizing and powerful for most skin types. There’s also shea butter for extra softness, and you can actually feel the cream penetrating the dry layers of your skin. It works wonders for me all year round, but I carry one of these lotions around with me during the summer months no matter where I go.


Photo taken by @ellelisabethh

Evian Facial Spray

I know this sounds a little crazy, but Evian Facial Spray is particularly one of my favorite beauty products of all time. Yes, it’s basically just water in a can, but I love the convenience of having a cooling mist sprayed on my face in the summer, anywhere I go. It’s perfect for those super hot beach days. I usually bring this with me to the beach, spray it on mid-tan, and it just feels so hydrating on my skin. The other benefits of this spray help fix and set makeup in place if you use just a little. I also use this water to replenish and tone my skin’s surface after workouts.


Photo taken by @jesshuet

Sephora Green Tea Eye Mask

I love these green tea eye masks from Sephora because they contain all-natural ingredients and they just feel amazing on my skin for any time of day. I find them super hydrating for dry, flaky summer skin–which is why the summer is the perfect time to invest in a bunch of these masks. The masks also help really well with under eye bags and puffiness, which is sometimes from dehydration in the heat. It’s also an easy way to boost your skin’s surface with some good-for-you vitamins.

Would love to hear your favorite summer products in the comments, or if you decide to try any of these products out! 

Also, click here to read about of my favorite all-time “splurge” skincare products that I swear by.



My Skincare Routine Update: Glowing Skin Is Just One Bottle Away

My Skincare Routine Update

Hi everyone!

I wrote a blog post a couple of months ago about my skincare routine and some of the steps I take to maintain clear and healthy skin. I always like to maintain a youthful and healthy glow using minimal makeup products, and so that’s where I’ve turned to skincare products. Prepping my skin morning and night with the best quality skincare items on the market was the best investment I could have made for myself.

I’ve just completed my #OneBottleAwayFrom journey with SK-II and I’ve seen some amazing improvements with my skin. As many of you might have seen from my instagram, I set the goal to build my brand over the next few months and to focus on becoming the best possible version of myself! One of the ways I’ve accomplished this is with SK-II. By incorporating Facial Treatment Essence into my skin care routine, I feel SO refreshed and confident for all of my travels, projects and meetings.

My skin is prone to stress-induced breakouts, dullness, and dryness so SK-II has truly saved the day over the last couple of months. I’ve been using the Facial Treatment Essence to keep my skin clear, hydrated and prepped for any and all circumstances during my work days. Its main ingredient is PITERA™, a super special ingredient that’s packed with essential vitamins and amino acids to promote skin cell renewal.

The best result I’ve noticed so far from the essence is that my skin tone and texture has been so even and smooth. The treatment has made my bare skin absolutely glow, and I’ve been so confident with my results that I’ve been going completely makeup-free and bare faced for the last few weeks!


I also thought since I’m updating all of you on my skincare transformation, I would also explain a little bit more about how I apply the treatment and fully prep my skin morning and night!

Step 1. I wash my face with warm water and a super gentle facial soap to make sure I have a clean canvas to work with. After washing my face, I gently pat my face down with a clean towel.

Step 2. I soak a facial cotton pad with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Then I gently pat the cotton pad against my face  so the product absorbs evenly into my skin.

Step 3. To let everything really settle in, I wait  1-2 minutes, make myself a coffee and play some relaxing music 🙂 In the morning, I then apply a touch of SPF and CC cream to my face with a beauty blender. Done!

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed using this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to achieve a clear, radiant, healthy complexion. I feel like my skin transformation helped point me in the direction of my other goals I’m working toward as well. If you have any other questions about my skincare routine, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Thank you to SK-II for sponsoring this post.



Spring Outfit Ideas In New York City: What To Wear

SPRING!!! 🙂 It’s officially springtime in NYC and the weather has been pretty amazing, so I’m not complaining. It was a cold and long winter, but the sun is finally shining and I am so excited to wear all of my spring outfits (finally!!!!)

One of the best parts about spring in New York is that there are so many trees blossoming everywhere in the West Village, Central Park, Brooklyn, and in all of the public parks. All the city shops are exploding with floral patterns and prints, the cafes are always crowded, people’s coffees turn from hot to iced real quick, and people are running around soaking in every first drop of sunshine 🙂

So many of you on my Instagram have been asking for the links to my spring outfits so I decided to link them all in one simple blog post 🙂 Happy shopping!


Dress by Lovers & Friends

Spring in Central Park || Wearing Lovers & Friends

This flow-y floral maxi dress is a gorgeous pale blue color with pale pink roses. It is a stunning dress, perfect for day or night time, and I’ve already worn it 3 times in the last 2 weeks to special events and for my cherry blossom photoshoots. I am in LOVE.



I am currently obsessed with anything floral (if you couldn’t tell by now!) and this workout set is the perfect way to kick off the spring season! I wore this to Central Park the other night for a run and I received SO many compliments. It’s not only adorable to work out in, but it’s super stretchy and comfortable for running and HIIT workouts!




This outfit is definitely one of my favorite go-to sets when I’m just walking around the city and it’s a little bit chillier than usual! Sometimes spring nights can get cooler and this is the perfect kind of outfit to wear for that chilly breeze. It’s also SO comfy and there’s nothing better than being comfortable! Whenever I’m not shooting photos for work, I am in these kinds of sweats! 😉


I couldn’t find the leggings in white on the website but they are linked in navy blue, which I also adore!


The sneakers are from Coach but they were on sale a while ago and I can’t find them anywhere online!



Hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve worn this jumpsuit twice already and it’s perfect for rain or shine.




I bought this dress specifically to twirl around and take photos with the cherry blossoms all over New York City! I love how elegant and detailed the dress is. It’s so so cute and I will definitely be wearing it a lot more this spring 🙂



This is another simple go-to outfit I put together for an everyday look in the spring. Since this day was 80 degrees, I wore my fave jean shorts and a graphic print bodysuit. I love bodysuits because they’re always fitting and tuck well into shorts! I’m also wearing the most adorable baby blue beanie from Urban, but it’s unfortunately not available online (only in store!)



Let me know what you think of these spring outfits in the comments! I never considered myself a fashionista at ALL, but I love sharing the links and supporting brands I wear and love daily.




12 Best Instagram Cafes in NYC For Perfect Photos

Instagram Cafes in NYC are always a MUST.

12 Most Instagram Worthy Cafes in NYC


New York City is one of the most beautiful places to take photos for Instagram in general. One of the best parts about this magical city is that there are hundreds of gorgeous cafes sprawling on every corner, and the photo opportunities are endless. There are tons of cute spots to help you unwind during a work lunch break, answer emails, eat a croissant, or most importantly, grab those photogenic lattes and snap some photos for your Instagram feed. Let’s just say I’ve been to almost…all of them. 😉

Here are some of my favorite aesthetically pleasing spots that are worth the visit.




This place is always packed with city-goers, so make sure you get here to grab some photos early if that’s on your agenda. This awesome cafe serves bright green matcha lattes, with pretty matcha powder palm trees sprinkled on top. The cafe decor is neon pink and green to match your perfect drink, so it’s one of my favorite instagram-worthy spots in Manhattan. There’s also tons of matcha filled pastries, cool retro paintings, and tropical couches to make every photo pop! My go-to order: the Almond Milk Matcha Latte.




La Pecora Bianca is a cafe / restaurant with some of the best coffee around. This cafe is decked out in stunning white marble, pastel greens, and classic gold tones to make any Instagram photo stand out. The cafe has an airy, European vibe to it that I’ve fallen madly in love with and it’s been a go-to brunch spot for me ever since.




This cute Italian restaurant has the most adorable pink aesthetic ever. Decked out in graphic pink and white tones, this is the perfect place to snap a shot of your pink fashion statement, pink nails, pink coffee cup, whatever it is that screams pink to you. There’s also a heart graffiti wall outside of this place. ALL the good vibes.




This bright, airy cafe is perfect for you if you’re looking for that dreamy white-tone shot. Toby’s Estate is super cozy, and serves everything from coffee to vegan chocolate chip cookies. There’s usually a crowd of people here during the day time, but it’s always exciting to see the rush. The 5th ave location in New York is attached to a library with some cozy sofas to read and relax. Perfection.




This is one of the coolest coffee hang out spots I’ve ever been to. Tucked away inside the Ludlow Hotel, this coffee “garden” per-say, is decked out in beautiful vines and rustic vibes. I recently discovered this place and was blown away by how private and cozy it was. Since it is a part of the hotel, this place is more low-key and perfect to kick back and work for several hours at a time. Or you know, take some epic photos for your feed, as usual! 😉




This cafe’s marble tables, plush pastel sofas and floral vibes is all you need to grab the perfect IG shot. This cafe is super tiny, but if you grab a seat early and are lucky enough to catch it empty, it’s totally worth the visit. This popular brunch spot serves some amazing avocado toast and lots of drinks, in case you need a pick me up after your photoshoot.




This Australian-inspired restaurant is one of the most beautiful brunch spots I’ve ever been to. Tucked away on 9th ave, it boasts a very modern, clean and “instagrammable” opportunity. If you do visit, be sure to order brunch as everything on the menu is absolutely divine.




This restaurant is not only the ideal brunch spot on the weekends, but it’s one of the cutest places to go with a bunch of your closest friends. The cafe has this dreamy, pastel vibe that makes any photo look bomb. Plus, the flatlays of the food are always a must. Try the avocado toast.




This restaurant / cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Nolita to grab some coffee, and more importantly, Nutella toast. The cafe is decked out in cool red and white tones for an epic photoshoot. It’s also attached to a hotel with a cool modern vibe for some extra photos if necessary.




This restaurant is located inside the NOMO Hotel in Soho, and features the most beautiful graffiti art, rustic tables, and all around gorgeous modern vibes. Grab a quick bite with friends here, snap some photos, and take a stroll through the vine-enclosed entrance of the hotel once you’re done! 🙂




This cute Mexican-style restaurant is known for it’s amazing drinks, but more importantly, it’s bold and colorful vibes. The big letters, the blue floors, and the vibrant atmosphere makes this place an instagram dream. Stop by for drinks with your friends, take some pics with your drinks, and soak in the fun of NYC.





This amazing little spot is usually always packed, and for a good reason. The warm and rustic atmosphere engulfs the vibe of Soho, and has tons of delicious food to brunch with your friends. This cafe is definitely one of the most beautiful in the Soho area.