Saying Goodbye to Bad Hair Days

Saying Goodbye to Bad Hair Days…

Us ladies all know what it’s like to wake up and just see one too many flyaways sticking out from our hair. It’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of bad hair days. Every now and then (more often than not), I go to GREAT lengths to tame my frizzy, uncontrollably wild hair. I grew up with super thick and curly hair, and as I got older and began to dye / process / highlight my strands, damage started to kick in. My hair went from thick and curly to thin and a mix between wavy and frizzy, uneven curls. I started dying my hair lighter when I was 14 years old, so it’s been quite a few years since I’ve given my hair a “rest” from all the processing. Taming it usually requires a flat iron daily.

My 14 Day Challenge with the Pantene Repair & Protect Collection was something I was really looking forward to trying! I am such a huge fan of trying out a new shampoo / conditioner and switching up my routine for my hair every few months, so when I was approached to try out the Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner from Pantene, I couldn’t say no. I’ve been looking for a new system to repair some of the damage my hair has endured from my blonde highlights. I know all formulas and brands work differently on different hair types, so I was eager to see how the Repair & Protect formula would work on mine and get me on the path to some more great hair days. 🙂

I decided to shoot this content in Central Park to really show how fluffy and soft my hair has become over the last 2 weeks, and what better to do it in a lush, autumn wonderland? I rarely ever wear my hair naturally, and this is how it looks with absolutely NO hot tools involved. Thick, fluffy defined waves that I’m proud of. I usually use a flat iron to smooth out all of the frizz, but after my hair dries, it is feeling smooth, yet thicker and more voluminous without all the dryness and “crunchiness” I’d usually feel after washing.

I was always super insecure leaving my apartment without doing something to my hair, whether braiding it, putting it up in a bun when I didn’t have time to do it, blow drying it, straightening or curling it. I was never brave enough to let it dry naturally, but now, it’s feeling quite healthier than it was prior to using the Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner.

Some tips I have if using the Repair & Protect Shampoo Conditoner is – wash your hair every 2 days. I like to skip a day or two, as I like to preserve the natural oils on my scalp, and washing too often dries me out. I also leave my conditioner in from the middle of my strands to the ends (I avoid my scalp) and let it set for 60 seconds before rinsing out. I found that this really helped nourish the ends of my hair. They definitely needed some extra love!

Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my 14 Day Challenge and I still have some product leftover that I’m going to use until the end of the month! I love the smell of the formulas, which is also an amazing plus 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing my hair improve even more over the next 2 weeks!

A special thank you to Pantene for sponsoring this post.



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