The Perfect Holiday Gift This Year with Sephora x Pinrose Scents

What’s better than the gift of giving…?

December is my favorite time of year! Not only is the city decorated with thousands of sparkling lights, pretty trees, and flooded with happy people everywhere, but this month is about giving. Whether it’s giving a special gift to your loved ones, helping others in need, or treating yourself to a gift for all the hard work you’ve accomplished this year, there is always a reason to give a gift that inspires you or someone else! 🙂

This year, I decided to treat myself and my mom to a new fragrance while in partnership with Sephora! The one small “issue” I have with picking a fragrance is that I’m the type of person that always likes changing my perfume up, depending on the day, the weather, or my mood! 🙂 While looking at Sephora, I knew I wanted something that was simple, but perfect for my everyday routine and something I would use on the go since I’m traveling often! I also wanted something with diversity that I could share with my mom, who also loves to  change her fragrance regularly. And, being that she’s also a very busy woman, I was looking for something that could be purse-friendly!

That’s when I found the Pinrose Style Kit at Sephora. This magical, galaxy-packaged kit with 9 petite rollerballs to mix and match your fragrance during the holidays. To be completely honest, I have never purchased a kit with 9 different scents, and all I could think in my head was, “Why didn’t I think of doing this before?” Since I love changing my perfume regularly, instead of purchasing a few large and very expensive bottles, I can easily switch it up with this kit that has all of the mini rollerballs! Not to mention they are so adorable, and all of them can fit in your purse. I love a scent that I can grab on the go, and slip it in my bag!

I love this kit particularly because each rollerball scent is super unique and rolls on just the perfect amount. I apply it with a gentle touch on my wrist, neck, and I like to dab a bit on my fingertips and run it through the ends of my hair for an extra boost.

Some of my favorite scents in the Pinrose Style Kit are Wild Child, Secret Genius and Pillowtalk Poet. All of them have this floral, earthy scent that smell delicious and perfect, especially for the holiday season. But, if you’re not sure what type of fragrance you are looking for, Sephora offers a fragrance finder on their website that can help you find the perfect scent for you. 🙂 I want to know, what type of fragrance do you prefer? Sweet and sugary, warm and earthy, fresh and clean?

Also, here are some amazing quick gift ideas from Sephora I also LOVE for this holiday season! – The “Beachlorette” (what a cute name, haha) Mascara, Bronze and Highlight mini kit from Sephora. This is the perfect little package for quick makeup touch ups on the go. – A red metallic lip – perfect for all the festivities and holiday parties! I love wearing metallic liquid lip colors during the winter time and pairing it with bronzed cheeks and minimal eye makeup. – The perfect warm and bronzed eyeshadow palette for all of you who crave a tan during the wintertime. I love applying warm shadows to my lids with a little mascara to make my eyes pop.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays! Let me know if you decide to try the Pinrose Kit or any of these cute gifts for the holidays. Sephora has so many options, and some of the best gifts I’ve found yet!



Thank you to Sephora and Pinrose Scents for this partnership.


In partnership with Sephora and Pinrose Scents

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