About Me

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Hi! My name is Alyssa and I’m from New York. I’ve always had a sincere passion for reading and writing, but recently I’ve taken an interest in social networking and blogging.

Instagram really inspired me to create this blog. Not only has Instagram encouraged me to write more about my lifestyle, but it also has driven my creativity much further than I could have ever imagined. Gaining some recognition for my clean food recipes and my wellness advice has helped me discover my love for helping others succeed. I want to help people become not only physically strong, but also mentally strong as well. I want to help people understand that physical appearance only goes so far, and does not necessarily make a person happy. A strong and stable mentality is the absolute key to becoming a healthy and happy person.

Being happy and confident, and believing in yourself and what you are capable of is by far the most important part of this entire transformation process. If you are looking to become a more active, fit and healthy you, the most important thing you need to do before anything else is to love who you are already. I know this sounds extremely cliche, but it’s 100% necessary for you to be comfortable with where you are currently at in your life in order to start improving it. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself and make this change in your lifestyle a struggle rather than an uplifting, exciting experience.

Looking back on myself at the very beginning of my fitness transformation, I wanted nothing more other than to be skinny because I thought “being skinny” would ultimately determine my happiness. I was uncomfortable in my new skin after gaining 15 pounds at college. Every day was painful for me because I absolutely hated the way I looked. I started going to the gym for nearly 4 hours a day, killing myself with extreme cardio routines. I was so caught up in the weight that I had gained, and how awful I felt about my body at the time. Working out was a temporary way to ease this “pain”, but the stress and pressure I put on myself during this time caused me to binge at random times. I always felt bloated, exhausted, and irritated in general. I was never truly happy with myself, regardless if I was working out every second of my life or not. As a result, I was unable to see the results I wanted. At the time, I was extremely hard on myself and pushed myself until I broke down and realized the irony of what I was doing. I was making myself sicker instead of healthier.

Now I realize that accepting yourself, and loving yourself, is the KEY to being healthy and happy. Exercising and dieting is certainly helpful, but they are void if you do not respect who you are. Be happy, love your body, love who you are and don’t set crazy expectations for yourself like I did. There is no reason to stress and hurt yourself in the process of wanting to better yourself. You just need a little patience and determination, and you will most definitely reach all of your goals in life.

All of this being said, I’m taking what I have learned during my fitness journey and sharing it with the world. I hope my blog will inspire and motivate others to be the best person they can be in a safe, healthy, and happy way!